Restaurant Le Mystique takes you on a trip around the world and into the universe of top gastronomy. The menu, created by our chef Gregory, varies with the seasons to guarantee fresh quality ingredients. In addition to regular dishes from “a la carte” you will also find changing seasonal and regional dishes.

Heritage Menu

Sea bass & Oyster
sea bass tartare  / oyster mayo /  / cauliflower / Cumbava

parsnip cream / white chocolate / Verjus / vanilla

Blue ling
bouillabaisse / “smokey vin blanc” / sambal manis / rouille

Sweatbread & Schorenaer chicken
hazelnutbutter cream / Bbq koolrabi / oxheart cabbage / cep

Bbq beef / sour onion / braised chicory /  potato / red wines sauce

Apple & Sakura
white chocolate / mascarpone / sour cream / apple vinegar

Dessert chariot


Cheeses selected by our Bruges’ master Caroline Zwartjes
As a replacement of both desserts
As a supplementary dish

Vegetarian Menu

Marinated tomatoes / Burrata cheese / mayonnaise of verbena and basil

Sushi Rice
Sushi with pak choi / sesame emulsion / yuzu

Quiche of zucchini « Morrocan style » / cayenne pepper mousseline

Carrot chermoula preparation / beurre noisette / Onion / chili

Gnocchi with beetroot / fennel /green herbs

Mousse of berries / Chibouste cherry / crispy hazelnuts Clafoutis / Kirsh ice cream

Dessert chariot
and / or

Selection of cheeses by Bruges’ master Caroline Zwartjes
as a replacement for both desserts or as a supplementary dish

5-course menu without wines: € 79.00 pp
with matching wines: € 115.00 pp
6-course menu without wines: € 95.00 pp
with matching wines: € 135.00 pp

The menu can be adjusted up to 24 hours before the restaurant reservation according to allergies, dietary restrictions or eating habits. As we only work with fresh products, it is possible that we slightly deviate from our menu.

When opting for a menu, one and the same menu is served for all guests at the table. A la carte menu can be served up to 4 persons per table. In order to provide excellent service, we kindly ask you to opt for one equally set menu from 5 persons onward.


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“A true journey for the senses”